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Since first erupting on the scene in Hollywood, California in 2008, Xango Henry has been dedicated to learning his craft and developing his fullest potential to reach the diverse populations by bringing a broad range of roles to life in film, television and commercials as well as through all forms of media. His acting prowess combined with his encyclopedic knowledge, coupled with the breadth and depth of awareness of Life has allowed him to become a crossover hit in the music industry as well as a Titan in business and a Corporate Giant in and of himself. As explained by the title of his original work of his One-Act Play: From Da Hood To Hollywood, Xango Henry is the epitome of the True American Success Story and the embodiment of a Strong Real-Life Community Role Model and Approachable Understated Hero. 

Although Xango Henry originally traveled to Hollywood solely to continue develop his profession as a Personal Trainer, he went to the Los Angeles, California Area where he was unexpectedly thrust into the forefront of the Film Industry, resulting in being in over 60+ Movies, TV Shows, and Commercials in his short 9-year Career in Hollywood! Now Xango Henry is taking the music world by storm with his three new releases: “Dear Son,” “Get Mo Dough,” and “On Top Of The World”. All of Mohtown OG Alkaline’s music can now be found on all Streaming Platforms!

However, when he is not making a special appearance in Hollywood as “Xango Henry” or preforming music and rapping as “Mohtown OG Alkaline,” he is focused on his businesses. This is where his humanity is encapsulated as the Founder/CEO of the privately-held four (4) Corporate Entities that make up “THE XANGO CORPORATE GROUP” and also embody the Corporate Motto of: “My Body, My Temple, My Health, My Wealth.” Xango’s business acumen is also regimented as the Founder/CEO in all four (4) of his other privately-held corporations as well: Xango Fit, Inc., Xango Xhelters, Inc., Xango Health Farms, Inc., and Xango Edutainment, Inc. Merchandise can be found at: https://xangofit-com-xangowear.myshopify.com.

In addition to all this, he is also an accomplished Health & Fitness Guru, Actor, Rapper, Musician, Martial Artist, Father, Jewelry Designer, Inspirational Speaker, Community Leader, and Icon. Xango Henry, aka Rapper Mohtown OG Alkaline, is always humbly appreciative of the love and support of his many Fans!



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